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Special Effect Products

Printex Base
Soft touch , high fastness,pigment printing binder for light color fabrics

Printex Soft Base
Formulated for problematic fabrics where extra softness and higher washing fastness is needed.

Printex EYP Base
EYP is specially designed for CMYK printing with high color yiels and washing fastness.

Printex Anti -Foil
Anti-foiling pigment binder for light color fabrics.

Printex OPQ
Formulated to print pigments over dark color fabrics with soft handle.

Printex GL
Print paste with ready pearl inside.Printex GL can be used with Turamin pigment colors to achieve different pearl colors.

Printex Mega Bond
High washing fastness hot stamping foil adhesive.

Printex Glitter Base
Glitter adhesive with extra glossy finish.

Printex Puff
Water-based foam(puff) works on regular fixing temperatures.

Printex Puff HT
Foam(puff) concentrate works at higher temperatures Water-based cracking effect pastes in transparent and white form.They can be colored with Turamin pigment colors
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